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Several companies in the region provide solid material overlayment services. However, none of them equals Calgary Concrete  when it comes to service delivery. As a solid material underlayment company, we have been very consistent when it comes to the provision of high-quality services to our clients. No wonder we have been on the leading end when it comes to attracting new clients and retaining the old ones.

The business approach that we take has always kept us on the leading end in the market. First, our company is fully licensed and insured to offer solid work services in the region. Insurance means that in case an accident occurs during the process of working, the insurance company will meet all the liabilities. Also, having an operation permit is good for our clients as you are sure of dealing with a legit company. 

The other strength of our company lies in our people. We have well trained and highly experienced professionals who will work on your solid surfaces. Therefore, you will be sure of getting a high level of professionalism from our team. We don’t violate any set standards when working on your project.

The team are keen when it comes to the choice of materials. We choose high-quality materials that will give your project a high level of durability. Use our services, and you can be sure that you will have no regrets. We will make sure that you get the best that the market has to offer when it comes to solid material overlayment and other services.


Calgary Solid Work Main Services

Concrete Contractors underlayment

Solid material underlayment, unlike the overlays, do not get the opportunity of seeing the light. The primary purpose of solid material underlayment is to provide a thin topping to smooth, level, or fix imperfections in solid materials substrates before installing other floor coverings like vinyl, carpet, or tiles. they are the best when it comes to the installation of solid material underlayment in the region. Even though underlays have an undercover status, you still need to give them adequate care during the installation process like the self-leveling overlay. Inadequate preparation of the concrete overlays may result in severe bubbling or pin holing that may come out through some of the vinyl tile floors. 

Calgary Concrete Underlayment Service & Solutions offers the best solid materials underlayment services in the region. We use high-quality materials that will make sure that your surface is not only smooth but also durable. Our experts will work around the clock to make sure that you are getting nothing but the best. For us, giving you the value for your money is our primary objective. Once you hire our services, you will not be doing any repairs soon because of the high-quality of work. You can trust our professionals if you are looking for the most durable concrete underlayment in the region.

Solid Material overlayment

The second service that we provide for our esteemed clients is concrete overlayment. We can say that this is a cousin to the underlayment service. The truth of the matter is that even the best solid surface will have its imperfections when it comes to pop outs, discoloration, and cracks among other flaws. You can correct some of these flows through the solid materials repair work, but some of the resulting products can be unattractive and noticeable. No wonder, most homeowners will tell you that the best way to improve the unsightly concrete is ripping it out and making a replacement. However, if your concrete surface is still in a perfect condition, homeowners can go for an economical alternative of using the decorative concrete overlay to do a complete facelift. It is one of the best treatment that you can give to your precious floor.

Calgary substantial Underlayment Service & Solutions is the best option when looking for solid materials overlayment. We will choose materials that will give you the best results regarding the appearance and durability of your surface. Our team knows how to blend these two elements well to deliver professional products.

We have a highly talented team that will deliver custom solid materials overlays that meet the demands of all our clients. As a team, we aspire to provide concrete overlayment that will bring a lot of value to your home. We combine our skills and experience to give you the best that the market has to offer. Calgary Concrete Underlayment Service & Solutions will make sure that your house stands out from the neighborhood.

Concrete polishing

Concrete polishing is one of the best treatments that you can give to your home. Most floors, especially those in the industrial space go through a high level of tear and wear. This effect may result from vehicular traffic or foot traffic or both of them. One of the remedies that Calgary Concrete Underlayment Service & Solutions offers is concrete polishing.

You should sand and recoat an epoxy coating to maintain its beauty and shine. If there is a high likelihood that your floor will get exposed to heavy wear or scratching, the epoxy coating may get marred over time. One beautiful thing about polished concrete is that it resists scratched and its surface is harder than the traditional solutions. You can trust us with your floor when you want to bring some of these benefits in your home.

Aggregate solid material provides

A low-cost alternative for any enterprise that doesn’t want to skimp on quality. It has low, long-term costs with minimal maintenance requirements that make concrete polishing to last longer and you don’t have to replace them often like the other flooring options. 

Industrial surfaces are characterized by a high level of accidents and spills during the industrial life. Therefore, it is prudent to polish your concrete floors or put an epoxy flooring over them. The concrete material is not naturally resistance to substances like chemicals and oils among other liquids because it is porous. Concrete polishing is the best treatment that you can give to your surface as it will make it resistant to the compound or chemicals that it comes into contact with the surface. Therefore, you will have a safer, cleaner, and more productive working environment.

Last but not least, concrete polishing improves the appearance of your space. In the modern world, all businesses desire to enhance their overall appearance. It’s a good thing to have a pleasant working environment as this can improve the productivity of the workforce. Some people believe that concrete only comes on the standard grey color that has a stunning look after polishing. Modern-day concrete polished surfaces come in a broad range of nuances and shades. You can color coordinate the epoxy coatings to enhance the level of productivity in an industrial or business setting. Are you looking for the best concrete polished floors in the region? Don’t hesitate to call Calgary Concrete Underlayment Service & Solutions. We have all you need to get the best polished concrete surfaces for your business and industrial applications.

Concrete grinding

Concrete grinding professionals usually use an abrasive surface or motorized wheel to remove concrete to reduce its thickness. Several reasons can motivate you to undertake this exercise. Some people do it on walking surfaces that have heaved from tree roots or the actions of expansive soils.

This process will smoothen out any rough concrete surfaces and reveal a shiny and smooth surface. As professionals, we use massive duty diamond impregnated discs and segments and concrete grinding machines that look like durable sandpaper. During this process, we gradually replace the discs with more fine grit discs to produce a higher level of smoothness and shine.

The last step in the concrete grinding process is concrete polishing that uses the most excellent grit discs to achieve a high shine finishing. At the final concrete polishing stage, we usually apply a polishing compound to clean out any residue that remains and bring an additional sheen to the floor. At the final step of concrete polishing, we employ a polishing compound to clean any residues that remain on the surface and bring an additional sheen to the floor. When you use concrete polishing and grinding together, it will result in a striking and smooth surface that resembles a polished stone. We will also make sure that we preserve the environment as we continue offering our services.

Stucco and EIFS

EIFS is an acronym that stands for Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems. Some people refer to this product as synthetic stucco. It is a famous multi-layered exterior finishing that has been in use in the European construction industry since shortly after the second world war. Most Them found Stucco and EIFS to be the best repair alternative for buildings after the damage from the second world war. Most of the repairs in the European buildings were constructed from brick, concrete, stone, and other durable materials. Some people may think that their homes are constructed from traditional stucco just to discover that its exterior siding is EIFS.

EIFS has six layers namely reinforced mesh, base coat, foam insulation, adhesive, an optimal water-resistant barrier and a finish. Several companies offer Stucco and EIFS services but none is like Calgary Concrete Underlayment Service & Solutions. We offer the best Stucco and EIFS services in the region. Our company uses the best quality materials to produce highly attractive and durable surfaces in the region. You can be sure that the exteriors that we give you will stand out in the region. Hire our Stucco and EIFS solutions.

From the above description, you will agree to the fact that they remains to be the best brand for your concrete overlayment and other services. We have been in operation for several years and hence possess the right experience to handle your task. As a company, we value our clients and hence aspire to offer the best concrete services in the market. Our company uses high quality materials and the right processes when working on all your concrete surfaces. We will also give you a warranty period as an indication of the value that we attach to quality. The company is more than willing to stand by its services all the time.