With concrete innovations comparing asphalt to concrete we need to understand each one first. Well, it will be surprising that asphalt and concrete are almost the same. They are both made of aggregates such as sand and gravel. The main variation is the binding agent that sticks them together. About asphalt, it uses bitumen to hold them together which provides them its feature color. While the concrete the cement is what makes them hold together. Though we may see that this is just a small difference between the two. But it builds huge variations between the two which includes how they stay stronger in different weather.

Both Asphalt and Concrete Driveway considers the weather

The essential things that you must know about the location of your home. The climate has an important part in how your driveway will hold up. If your place has harsh winters concrete is not good for your driveways. While if your place has a hot temperature, asphalt is not good for your driveway.

How Quick Can You Use It?

You will consider the years your driveway will last. The following is very essential to consider:

  • If there is no street parking and should have a passage for your driveway.
  • If you have a business and you need a driveway for your customers.

The asphalt driveway can be used quicker than concrete. Asphalt can be used on the same day upon install while concrete will take a few days after install.

How to Maintain Both driveways?

The next thing as a homeowner to consider about their driveway is how to maintain it. With asphalt, it is important to have it sealed after a year of its installation. Then after that, you need to reseal it once every three to five years. In this way, it will maintain the longevity of your asphalt driveway. It will stop any forms of cracking and potholes. Sealing is easy to apply no other tools needed. However, it is more advisable for an expert to do it like Island concrete Calgary. In this way, it will protect your driveway properly. On the other hand, the concrete driveway has less maintenance. There is nothing to do if your driveway is concrete but it needs to clean when it is dirty. However, oil stains and other marks are difficult to clean up.

How to Repair Asphalt and Concrete Driveway?

Asphalt has more needs to maintain, but they are all easy to do. For any cracks, it is easy to repair by filling and sealing it while concrete is hard to repair. If there is a crack on a concrete driveway it can be repaired by patching the hole but most people don’t like it to finish. It needs a Calgary concrete driveway expert to do it.

How Long the Two Driveway Last?

One more thing that a homeowner to consider is how long will the driveway last. Both driveways have the same lifespan. For asphalt, it will last for 20 to 30 years, but if you properly care for it it will last more than the expectation. The same way with concrete although it has less way to take care to keep it in great condition. The estimated lifespan of a concrete driveway is 30 to 40 years.

Nonetheless, if you want to have a quick driveway it is better to have it concrete. To have it secure and stronger better to call a Calgary concrete company.

Most people consider first the Calgary concrete prices before they decide what to do. However, a concrete driveway is more of an investment because of its lifespan and less maintenance.