Are you having boring, stained, and weathered concrete floors in your home or office? There could be a possibility that time is ripe for you to consider installing concrete overlays on your surfaces. Calgary Concrete Underlayment Service & Solutions is a company that specializes in concrete overlays. We can create new and beautiful floors that are customized to your liking whether you own a commercial property or residential building. The most important thing for you is to get the best services that the market has to offer. Our company will make sure that you achieve the above objective with the highest level of precision. We cannot assume that everyone knows what concrete overlays are. We can begin by defining this service before we go into more detail of this service page.


What are Concrete Overlays

Concrete is just one among the many construction materials that people use on their floors. Like any other building materials, concrete has its strength and weaknesses. A reputable construction expert will help you to get most from its strong points and minimize the weak points. As time passes by, concrete surfaces tend to suffer from a weathered and worn out look. Given that most of the concrete surfaces have a grey color, they may not add to the overall appearance of your business or home. In most instances, stains from worn wooden flooring and old carpeting may prevent your concrete floors from getting the right colors or stains.

What Calgary Concrete Underlayment Service & Solutions do?

What Calgary Concrete Underlayment Service & Solutions does is that we pour a thin layer of self-leveling concrete that is approximately a quarter inch thick on the top of your existing concrete sub-floor. After this, we will use the acid staining in creating a beautiful floor of its kind. The best thing is that you will have several color options and a broad range of logo additions and custom options. This results in a beautiful floor that will capture the attention of your guests and customers. The other benefit of concrete overlays is that they are easy to clean. You can have the peace of mind once you install these surfaces in your residential or commercial premise.

Calgary Concrete Underlayment Service & Solutions can add concrete overlays that will duplicate the natural appearance of slate, granite, and other stone patters. It all depends on the theme of your home and your taste and preferences.  The most important thing for our experts is to create a highly attractive and durable concrete overlay surface. Concrete overlayment will not only give you beautiful exterior and interior flooring options but its pricing is also lower than the traditional stone floorings. You can apply concrete overlays on your restaurant floors, walkways, driveways, patios, pool decks, office buildings, building slabs, and home interiors. It means that there are unlimited ways of using concrete overlayment. The most important thing is to get a professional who understands the art of concrete overlayment inside out. Call Calgary Concrete Underlayment Service & Solutions and you will get nothing but the best. Let us look at some of the benefits that concrete overlayment will bring your way.

The Cost of Concrete Overlayment

Several benefits come with concrete resurfacing. It is prudent to begin with the most obvious one which is cost. The pricing of our concrete overlay services gives them a competitive pricing in comparison to the replacement of your old damaged and worn out concrete floor. You may be surprised when you get to understand what we will charge you for the concrete overlayment. To know the exact cost of the concrete overlays, you need to allow us to evaluate the state of your concrete surface. The whole process can take us close to 30 minutes once we arrive on the site.

We will give you a detailed estimate once we know what kind of work that we will be doing on your flooring. Let know once cheat you that he or she will give you an accurate estimate on phone without examining the requirements of the project. Several facts come into play when we are coming up with the estimates. We need an accurate estimation of that materials that we will need and the number of people who will be working in this project. The owner of the building may also not be aware of other things like cracks, the requirement to control joint replacement, and moisture issues among others.

Why choose Calgary Concrete?

After analyzing all these elements, we will help you to come up with a precise budget for your project. The good thing with our brand is that we are not going to shift the goal posts. You can trust us because we don’t have any hidden costs. We will give you a detailed quotation that stipulates everything that you will need for the project. The other beautiful thing is that we are not going to charge you for the estimates. We give free estimates to all our clients. The most important thing for any homeowner is to compare the cost with the quality of work that you are going to get. Calgary Concrete Underlayment Service & Solutions will always give you the highest value for your money.

We use high quality materials and still charge the best prices in the market. Our contractors are also highly skilled and experienced to give you nothing but the best service. You cannot get such a blend of high quality and affordable pricing in any other place. Calgary Concrete Underlayment Service & Solutions offers high quality services at the best pricing in the market.


Why Choose Concrete Overlays

Calgary Concrete Underlayment Service & Solutions

Concrete Overlayment Has a Great Appeal

You could be wondering why our contractors recommend concrete overlayment over the other flooring option. Apart from the element of cost, the concrete of overlayment system comes with several other benefits. Some of the concrete products that we offer will give your home a feeling of tile, granite, inlaid brick, or even slate. The strength of concrete overlays is also quite high. The high level of durability and beautiful looks are reason enough to make you run to concrete overlays. However, you cannot get these benefits unless you bring the right professional on board. Therefore, you need to think of using Calgary Concrete Underlayment Service & Solutions in all your concrete overlay projects. Not even a single customer has regretted after using our professional concrete overlayment services.

Concrete Overlays Provide a Protective Surface

The other reason that should motivate you to turn to concrete overlayment is the high level of protection that it offers. We use high quality system that will not let you down when it comes to service delivery. We use products that are manufactured using the incorporation of concrete technology. Given the experience that we have in this industry, we know which manufacturer offers the best products in the market. We don’t want to install to you something that will not stand the test of time. Our experts also apply a sealer on all the finished surfaces. This, in turn, re-emulsifies the product that draws it to the concrete and hence bonding to the molecular level. I can confidently say that there are very few contractors who can meet these standards. One of the main weakness of concrete floors is that they are highly porous. However, we will end up providing a non-porous surface that cannot be affects by stains, oils, mold, de-icing agents, salts and even water. This kind of protection is what everyone is looking for in every surface. You don’t want the kind of surface that will end up bringing more trouble your way. You can trust us when it comes to installing concrete overlayment in your floors. Our experts will make sure that they seal any loopholes that will make your surfaces less functional.

High Level of Convenience

Have you ever tried to replace the concrete surface in your residential or commercial premise? If not, you can try to talk to someone who has carried out this exercise. One thing that comes out clearly is that you can spend several days undertaking this task. Most people are not comfortable with such a high level of convenience especially when dealing with a room that is already in use. At the end of the day, such an intensive exercise may end up damaging your landscape and leading to increased costs.  Concrete overlayment is more convenient that going for a complete overhaul of the whole concrete floor. You can still record high quality results through the simple task of overlays. It can even take you two to three days to have beautiful concrete finishing in your living room, game room, pool deck, patio, driveway, or even walkway. There is no limitation to the surfaces on which you can apply concrete overlays. You can apply them to both interior and exterior surfaces. The other thing you need to remember is that this high level of convenience also comes with reduced costs. You will get the best concrete finishing without compromising on the quality. The most important thing is to get the best concrete overlayment company to handle this task. You can be sure of getting the best quality at the most cost effective services in the market.

Why Calgary Concrete Underlayment Service & Solutions remains on top?

Calgary Concrete Underlayment Service & Solutions remains to be top on the game when it comes to the provision of concrete overlayment services in the region. As a company, we delight in exceeding the expectations of all our customers. We achieve this objective through the employment of the most talented professionals that the region has to offer. Also, we use the right quality materials and equipment when handling your project. The team of experts at our company will also use the right procedures when working on your surfaces. Thus, you will be sure of getting beautiful and durable results that will make your flooring to stand out in the market. Feel free to get to us for your free concrete overlayment quotation now.