If you have no idea or understanding of concrete grinding techniques, the whole theory can be a little difficult. When handling this kind of work, you need to make sure that you are working the correct method as possible for the task at hand. That is why rather than sitting and curious about the distinction, go on reading to know everything you need to understand the technique of concrete grinding.

First things first in dealing with concrete grinding, you must know that there are two techniques or methods used in. Like any other concrete works, Calgary Concrete has the same methods. The two methods are dry concrete grinding and wet concrete grinding. These two methods are used for the same but their procedures are very different. Island concrete Calgary provides you the following:

Dry Concrete Grinding

With dry concrete, the grinding technique is complete using a machine with a standard of about 32 inches in diameter. Typically, the machine grinds a specific concrete to create a shine. Though other individuals feel this is a beautiful decision, there are various other intentions that people may need to shine the concrete on their house.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dry Concrete Grinding


  • There is low maintenance needed, you can have spare time for other works.
  • The result will look glossy and smooth.
  • This eco-friendly wet grinding technique.


  • The idea is not energy savings as it takes to be.
  • This may cause health issues, particularly in respiratory problems.
  • The number of years of work is not good.

Wet Concrete Grinding

This technique is not the same as other methods because this is a water base. The water maintains the diamond cleanser at a proper condition and it stops the dust from getting everywhere. The dust can be harmful. It is a great plan to try to use the method that stops from doing.

One factor that wet concrete grinding technique is that the grinding steps will last for quite long. But you may need to have Calgary concrete companies to give support for your floors that will complete with the use of a dry method.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wet Concrete Grinding

Advantage of wet concrete grinding:

  • There is no dust on the air that is why there is no need for dust collectors and vacuums.
  • The tools for wet grinding run cooler and do not coat over as easy.
  • With the use of water to control the rate of work on the grinding.

Disadvantages of Wet Grinding Concrete.

  • It always creates a terrible mess to have other machines to pick up the mixture.
  • If you want to coat your floor, it must be dry for many days to make sure it is a moisture-free substrate before applying.
  • The mixture will mostly stick into the pores of the concrete if dry and then applied, it will not stick to this dried mixture that causes a debonding problem.
  • The dumping of the water mixture is usually more than the dust.
  • The machine will turn very dirty and need to be cleaned after use to keep it.

The selection between the two concrete grindings and polishing is more of a personal choice. Other people choose them both, they do the wet first and then to dry. Technically, with the improvement of concrete innovations in machine technology, it is not any more beneficial to the wet method. Still, the customers choose what they want, other people choose most likely the dry method because of its advantages mentioned above. As a customer that still is not sure what to apply it is better to call for a Calgary Concrete expert to assist you for any Calgary concrete driveway.