For a standard driveway of 92.9 square meters for a concrete driveway, Calgary concrete prices estimate will range from $2,675 to $6,688. And for small concrete jobs Calgary like resurfacing it will cost you around $3,009. Since Calgary concrete driveway is very costly, you must do all things to keep that concrete to last longer. In this article, we will see a few do’s and don’ts of maintaining your driveway properly.

The Do’s of Protecting Your Concrete Driveway

  • Begin Your Winter Correctly – To begin with a good winter driveway, you need to remove all the dirt like leaves and others.
  • Put a seal on your driveway every two to five years – It depends on the experience of your driveway, you need to protect it by putting a seal for at least every two to five years.
  • Eliminate stains and oil more often – Though your driveway has a sealant, still it is best to remove any stains or oil from it to form any discoloration.
  • Hear the Sound of Your Driveway – When you hear any cracks and other problems arise, you need to be aware of it. Small thin cracks will start to form when your driveway gets older. You need to clean it and fill it with sealant.
  • Clean out any snow each time it falls – It is a great idea to clear away any snow that falls on your driveway with a shovel.

The Don’ts of maintaining your driveway properly

  • Don’t use harmful materials – Toxic materials can cause cracks on the concrete which will deteriorate your driveway easily.
  • Do not damage your concrete driveway when you shovel – You may think that shovel or snow remover will not damage your driveway. However, it will be your nightmare because the concrete driveway is not safe from any metal shovels.
  • Do not park big trucks oftentimes on your driveway – Though parking your car on your driveway is not a problem. But if you continuously park big trucks like construction equipment will cause damage.

Consider a Snow-melting result

The snow melting process is eco-friendly and will save you more hours in laboring every winter. This will help you clean your driveway without breaking it.

Hiring a Snow Plowing Services

If you plan to hire a snow plowing service you need to make sure that they will work promptly. Like Island concrete Calgary and within your budget which also offers the following suggestion:

  • Gather some Calgary concrete companies to estimate your project so you can choose the correct rate. And what company you will choose services.
  • You are freely asking questions about their services.
  • You can ask a question if they have additional charges besides the basic charges you know.
  • Before the project starts you need to have a contract to have a written agreement.

After the winter is over, make sure to maintain your concrete driveway all year-round. There is some great advice that you can get through the internet. That offers complete step-by-step guidelines for the proper maintenance of your driveway.