For many years, exposed aggregate concrete has boosted its popularity. You already know of surface concrete, but exposed concrete is the decorated structure of surface concrete. You will see this kind of decorated structure in footpaths, patios, and roads.

The decorated structure has a creative touch to it and it looks aesthetics due to its appearance. The exposed aggregate is a combination of pebble, sand, and stones. Hence, the use of it is to represent various styles of patterns. Furthermore, the price is affordable also, and the variance is too many.

Where is Exposed Aggregate Use?

You will know that the exposed aggregate is the one that has exposed structure. Owners might be confused about the function and benefit of the concrete. There is some pleasing information you should understand before you try to apply this kind of concrete in your home. The first issue you want to know is where to use the exposed concretes. The answer would be, its uses in areas like driveway, footpaths, patios, parks, and many more. Furthermore, this can also use on the walls.

Why is Exposed Aggregate Use?

The next question you may ask is why to use this kind of concrete. A simple answer is that the exposed aggregate is strong which can withstand any kind of weather condition. For outdoor applications, durable concrete is very necessary due to concrete being used in driveways. For instance, it needs to carry the motion of vehicles. Exposed concrete use due to their non-slip property. Like cars and bikes that drove over them will not slip due to its coarse textures, this is usable for swimming pool flooring.

Installation of exposed concrete can perfectly handle by experts. Mistakenly following the instructions for this kind of concrete may cause damage to the streets and sidewalks. if it is not properly installed there may be more problems.

Benefits of Exposed Aggregate

  • The idea of popularity is due to its strength in nature. All people are in the investment that will give them a longer warranty. The strength of concrete is over forty years.
  • This kind of concrete comes in different colors and patterns. This is the main proof of this concrete being famous. You will surely want to go for flooring that will not be boring and dim. Exposed concrete has so many varieties that can mix and match the inside design of your home.
  • Hence, this concrete has low maintenance. The only way of cleaning is to rub the surface of the concrete with water once every week. The brightness of the concrete needs to protect through sealing. Then you need to reseal it every three to four years.
  • This is also slip-resistant. The unequal and rough surface supports cars from slipping during snow and rainy season.
Methods used to form exposed aggregate concrete
  • Monolithic – is the easiest way. This method requires packing the aggregate into concrete when it is being made. Pea stone is a smaller aggregate that normally uses in this method.
  • Another method called seeded which involves setting aggregate over concrete. This must start quickly after the concrete is being laid down. With the use of mechanical spreaders can provide more inclusion.
  • The third method called overlaid, this use on the current concrete that is in great form to look new. By mixing aggregate overlay material and then applying the combination of the mixture over the old concrete.

Exposed aggregate is very useful and beneficial for the interior and exterior design of every home. For proper and good installation better to call Island concrete Calgary or other Calgary concrete companies that you think is right.