A garage is a garage. However, knowing when to maintain your concrete garage floor can be a difficult task for a homeowner. Honestly, there are several factors and problems to consider if one of them existing on your floor. Some of them are the majority of members use the garage doors as their entrance, the weight of a vehicle, materials, and liquids, and temperature shifts contribute to concrete deterioration.

Garage floor surfaces provide approximately 20 -25 years of use. Other than that, if there was a poorly installed garage floor, it might be another reason to gradually restore shine to the epoxy floor or repair it so here are some of the signs you need to check out:


  1. Shrinkage or hairline cracks
  2. Freezing and thawing cycle
  3. Moisture enters floor through cracks
  4. Settlement cracks
  5. Improper drainage
  6. Pooled water
  7. Pitting

Generally, these signs add a visually unappealing environment that is not safe for the homeowners. Maintaining your garage floor is a task you should do a minimum of twice a year or more than that especially during the winter in areas with road salt. Moreover, you can give your floor cleaning depending on how heavily your garage is.

How to clean rough epoxy floors?

Here are the tips you can follow on how to get the shine back on the epoxy floor. Read on below:

  1. Removing the clutter will be easier before you sweep the garage out. This will better as allowing you to give the floor a thorough cleaning. To prevent accumulating garage floor clutter altogether, you may consider a specialty storage racks.
  2. Do not forget to cover your electrical outlets and drywall so you will be able to protect yourself while cleaning. Further, you need to cover any additional items in your garage.
  3. Remove all the spills and hazardous liquids on your floor because it may cause staining. By using an absorbent material product, kitty litter or sawdust, you can quickly clean it up. After removing it, gently step on the stain to make sure that oil gets soaked up.
  4. Sweeping the dirt and debris is the simplest method you can do to maintain your concrete garage floor. Take some time at least thrice a week to thoroughly sweep your garage using a wide broom. 
  5. Fill in the cracks by using an epoxy paste and putty knife. Generally, it can last 2 to 3 years if it will be properly taken care of. After filling up the crack, scrape away the excess, use a towel to smoothen the surface. Thus, if the paste becomes dry, lightly sand the area for a perfect finish.
  6. Concrete garage floor sealant can inhibit mold, extends durability and life, offers protection, and improves color. You may visit a local hardware store to inquire about the best product for you and your budget.

As a homeowner, maintaining the appearance and functionality of your garage floor is important. If you want to begin a transformation for your concrete garage floor, you may contact professionals from epoxy floor cleaning services to learn new features and maintenance packages.